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Oxazepam - is it like a xanax ?

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missy2 16 Dec 2009

i take ativan .05mg 4 x aday for panic . i was on alot more when i was working. i really have never heard of oxazepam but i have been out of the medical and dental field for a year now sorry.

barbles2413 14 Jun 2010


Tammy Wilson 28 Jul 2011

I have been taking xanax for two years. The anexity, stress, and plus panic attacks were getting the best of me. I think if your prescribed a medication that is in the same family of benzos. When you take a drug test for any reason . The it should be specified, by your physcian that it would show up as a different name, but is in the same family. Why would that be a problem ? There so many generic brands that are supposed to be the same med. I think your physcian should be able to write the meds that is in the same family.

raese 29 Apr 2014

I have been taking oxzepam since the early 70's brand name Serax. It is not on many of the preferred meds lists so therefore hard to find and expensive it is a great anti-anxiety med.

Psyched 17 Dec 2009

Xanax and Serax (oxazepam) are similar in that they are both short acting benzos. Xanax is specifically classified as an antianxiety medication; it is used for anxiety, panic disorders with and without agoraphobia (the fear of leaving one's home or going into public), and anxiety with depressive features and it can be used to treat insomnia.
Serax is classified as a sedative/hypnotic and an antianxiety medication. It is used for anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, and insomnia.
I hope this helps! Happy Holidays!

barrebaby33 14 Jun 2010

yes it is. same exact chemical family(benzodiazipines) so is valium(diazapam) etc free discount card

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