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I did ovulation tracking and was told am ovulating but not yet pregnant?

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kaismama 6 Sep 2013

What are you calling ovulation tracking that told you you were ovulating? Getting pregnant is a matter of timing. There is a short window around the time you ovulate to get pregnant. It can take a little while to get pregnant when you are trying to be pregnant. If you didn't want to get pregnant you'd get pregnant on the first try, lol

DzooBaby 6 Sep 2013

Ovulation charts are a "guesstimate" at best! A woman has to track for years to understand her own cycle and know when she ovulates and even then the body can throw you a curve now and then. You might try using an ovulation predicting kit-this is more accurate than a chart. Like KM says, it is a matter of timing. It seems so much harder to get pregnant when you want to than when you dont! You only have about a three day window in which to get pregnant. You can also try watching cervical mucus if you cant afford the ovulation predictor kits (they are a little pricey) To check your cervical mucus you need to wash your hands and dry them off then insert at least two fingers into the vagina and collect the drainage near the cervix-you will feel the cervix like a little soft bump, like the tip of your nose, high up in the vagina. Your cervical mucus is normally whitish and creamy or you dont have much in the way of mucus (dry days) What you are watching for is when the cervical mucus turns clear. slippery and stringy with the consistency of raw egg whites. If you separate the two fingers, it will be stringy and stretch between them and it truly does look just like raw egg whites. This is when you are most fertile! Sex needs to occur on those days more importantly than any other days in the month. If you have been trying for over a year and you have been unsuccessful getting pregnant, then it is time to see a gynecologist and/or maybe even a fertility specialist. If it has been less than a year, be patient! It may not happen right away but most couples will get pregnant within the first year of trying. When women get so many warnings about pregnancy when they are on birth control, they seem to get the idea that they should become pregnant on the first try but it really takes a little more than that (although some women are lucky enough to get pregnant right away. For the average woman, it takes a little longer and more trying-husbands like this part! but try to remember that he is more than a sperm donor!) It took me just about a year, maybe a bit longer, for my first (we weren't really trying but we weren't not trying either) and about 6 months with my second. Try to be relaxed during sex and let it happen. For some reason, stress seems to make it more difficult to get pregnant. Have a glass of wine or other alcohol before sex so you are more relaxed. Good luck! I hope by next year you have your little bundle in your arms!! free discount card

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