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I am almost 45 and want to have a baby how soon after my cycle should I have sex?

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DzooBaby 23 Feb 2011

This may sound a little gross and you will have to be pretty comfortable with your body to do this but I learned this from my catholic nun anatomy instructor. She said what you do is pay attention to your vaginal secretions. Normally the secretions will be thin and watery and usually a coudy whitish color. When you are ovulating they will become like raw egg whites, a clear white sticky fluid like an egg white. When you note this change, you are ovulating and ripe for conception. If you have sex on a daily basis through this time you will conceive. This time should come roughly about 2 weeks after the first day of your menstrual cycle. She said the key is the secretions though and not the amount of time. Good Luck! I have never tested this theory myself but I do know of others it has worked like a charm for. free discount card

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