I'm currently taking Yasmin (which has a window of roughly 12 hours) and have been on it for nearly a year, taking it between 7:30 and 10 each morning. This month within the first week of taking that particular packet I missed a pill in the morning, and since I was out that day didn't take it until about 14-15 hours later than normal. I was not sexually active around this time.
A couple of weeks later I had sex for the first time (using a condom, and he pulled out), yet now on my week off from the pill my period hasn't started on the day it usually does (Saturday), and I have none of my usual cramps that occur beforehand.
What is the likelihood that I've ovulated and become pregnant? I'm assuming it is quite low, but I've never had missed periods while on the Yasmin, and I'm unsure what could have caused this.