I'm an 18 year old female who is 7.5 stone and 4"11 (not particularly overweight for my size). For a long time I've had an issue that I thought would eventually go away as I left puberty and I just put it down to hormones but it seems to have gotten worse if anything over the last year or so. Whenever I do anything that involves concentrating be it driving, playing a video game or even just doing written work, I get extremely hot. It's not down to physical exertion as it happens during tasks that I am sitting completely still but it really affects me doing things as I get so hot I can't concentrate and eventually get headaches from being too hot and end up sweating profusely. It doesn't seem to matter what clothes I'm wearing I still overheat. I have no idea how to stop this because I can't seem to find anything of this sort anywhere to suggest what it could be but it's really affecting my life as I find it difficult to do just normal everyday tasks such as driving to work.