I have some kind of over sensation in my hands and feet that I can't touch certain things. Touching makes me feel that same feeling that people feel when someone uses their nails over a chalkboard. Things I can't touch: dust, papers, any clothes that are not leather, ... basically anything that doesn't feel smooth or so. I don't know how to describe it.

I can touch: leather, plastic, nylon.

If I touch one of those things that I can't touch, then my hands become super dry and I go wash them. I tend to make my hands wet very frequently during the day. If I don't use water, I feel so awkward and keep getting that feeling I described above. I dunno the English term because I'm not a native speaker. I tried to use creams that moisturize the skin and then try to touch, but that doesn't solve the problem. Actually it gets worse if I use a cream because just using the cream makes me feel I have an odd thing on my hands I keep having that feeling. Thus, I just end up washing my hands to get the cream away.

I only have this problem in my hands and feet. Is there any diagnosis for this? Or am I some kind of an anomaly :/