My neice has just started on methadone to get off of oxycontin. It is day #17, she is at 105 mg of liquid methadone, that she takes everyday between 7am-10am. By 5 pm, the last 3 days, she falls 'asleep' in the middle of what ever she is doing, like eating, talking, or watching TV, but then a moment later she comes to. Yesterday though, she fell asleep on the couch at around 6pm, and no one could wake her up! She was actually snoring, my brother in law even tried to shake her, but she was out cold. Could she be on too high of a dose?? When on Oxycontin she was going thru a 90 pill prescription of 30mg in less that 3 days. Same with her 80 mg's, she would 'slam' a 60 pill prescription in 3-4 days. She did the same thing with a 60 pill presription of 30 mg morphine in 3-4 days. She then was buying off the streets as much vicodin and lortab she could find when she ran out, hoping to stop withdrawal. So she had a high tolerance to opiates. I completely understand that methadone is TOTALLY different than opioids and how it is absorbed when taken. From what I understand that is why the doctor increased her so quickly in 17 days from 50 mg's of methadone, to now 105 mg's of methadone. But here is a another problem.
The last week or so, she also took 9 10 mg Valium (not presrcibed) along with Ativan she got from the ER, and also she was given Ultram 50 mg's, Zofran for nausea. At home she had a prescription of Phernergan (sp?) for nausea. The we found out she also took 9 Ambien pills (not prescribed) becasue she can't sleep. I looked up a lot of these drugs and see that a MAJOR interaction can come from Ultram, Valium, Phenergan, Zofran. I don't know if she will tell her Methadone doctor about all of this, highly doubtful. Now comes the last problem, and we are still trying to get the truth from her. Back in January she was pregnant and a doctor put her on Methadone, 5mg's twice a day. She sliped and told me she still had that prescription, 60 pills. I know how much denial she is in, and she probably thinks that a couple of 5mg methadone pills won't hurt her, abd then couple it all with the valium, ultram, etc etc, I think this may be why she is so sedated?? I am so scared she will go to sleep and not wake up!!! I know I gave a lot of info, so I guess I need to know is: is she too high dosed, or is it the valium and ultram etc, or could she be sneaking the methadone 5 mg's and that is why she is so out of it?? Please, an answer ASAP, she has her dose tomorrow at 7-10 am, and it could kill her?? I have been trying to call her, no answer, but she may be out with her boyfriend. I hope she will make it thru the night without problems,
Thank you so muc for any and all help! Lisa