I had a concern about one of my mom's medications so I started researching. I was pretty disturbed after entering all 25 medications she is being given. The end result was 8 Major, 44 Moderate, 3 Minor interactions and 3 sets of Duplication containing multiple items for each.

She has numerous dx from congestive heart failure to chronic kidney disease including dementia (without behavioral disturbance) 24 distinct items listed. She uses a wheelchair but can lift herself and greatly assist in transfers. Her mind is remarkably clear most of the time.

She is in assisted living but currently at a rehab following hospitalization for an exacerbation of the CHF. Until this evening I was not fully aware of how many chemicals were being handed to her on a daily basis. I know I need to step up and act as her advocate (I am her POA) but would love any help or advice on how to get the medication "right-sized".

I have a care plan meeting at the rehab tomorrow and will bring this up as a major concern.