Over 7 years ago tiny itchy bumps started appearing on the sides of my forefingers, thumbs and occasionally on my middle finger too. This usually happens in the spring or summer. My doctor gave me a prescription for fluocinonide cream 0.05% to apply to the affected area twice a day as needed. The cream stopped the itch and made it go away until it would come back again, sometimes within a few days or weeks or the next year.
I just got my prescription renewed and filled it this month, Aug 2018, and found its now $35 for 15 grams. 4 years ago the tube was double the size for the same price or less! I didn't need to have it refilled during that time because the tube seemed to last forever. I know it expired but still used it and found it still worked the same. There was still plenty left but figured I should get a new tube.
I noticed this refill that I just got on 8/2/18 expires May 2019. That seems a short time but if there is any leftover, most likely there will be plenty, I will continue to use it next year as long as it works the same.