I recently was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and put on Metformin. However, I was also diagnosed with ADHD over 20 years ago and have been taking stimulant medication since 1994. I feel my life has changed considerably for the best since I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on a stimulant. I was on Ritalin for many years until 2011 when I was placed on Adderall. I also have high cholesterol and am on a statin. I recently began a researching vitamins and have been taking CoQ10, B Multi-vitamin, Omega 3's, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc (all in one vitamin), Cinnamon and Milk Thistle (very recently) since my liver enzymes are always testing high and I do not get any guidance or further tests done to see what is going on with my liver.

Presently, I am 61 years old. Recently, my Family Doctor decided I should take blood pressure medication. It is only recently (the last few visits) I have had what is considered to be a high blood pressure when I am in the Doctor's office. I personally attribute the hbp to "White Coat Syndrome. My blood pressure was 140 last time I saw my Family Doctor. He wrote me a prescription for an ace-inhibitor- . My blood pressure has always been very good until now. I am wondering if the Adderall could be making my blood pressure higher since I am getting older? Since being diagnosed with ADHD, over 20 years ago, I have been doing so much better in work and my life. I can't imagine my life without a stimulant. I am all over the place and very unorganized normally. My family can tell when I am not on my medication.

I have not taken the blood pressure medication yet. I am trying to see if the vitamins I recently began taking will work for the blood pressure as well as the high cholesterol. I am supposed to go back to my Family Doctor in a few weeks and am hoping when my blood tests come back, my cholesterol, blood pressure and liver enzymes are more in the normal range. My concern is if the Adderall is what is causing my blood pressure to be higher now that I am over 60, with pre-diabetes and the other health issues discussed above.

Should I stop taking Adderall if it is causing my blood pressure to elevate? I am very concerned if I have to stop it because I was a mess 20 years ago without a stimulant. What do you think?

Thank you.