... tubal right away. After that, instead of having light, very non painful period, i started having very heavy period losing a lot of blood and exceriencing an amout of pain with it that ive never had before, and it was so painful, it lasted three days. After three days of every period of mine following my tubal in 2012 i experienced such a painful and heavy period, that I dreaded it. To make things worse, in between periods, i always experienced terrible pain where my right ovary is located, and when gently pushed on, the pain got worse, and when i went to the hospital for it the ultrasound said it was only cysts on my right ovary and that it was normal and would happen during the time in between my periods.
The hospital docs dont think its anything to worry about, they say normal, if there is anyone who has similar experience out there and soneone can give advice or point me in the right direction i would appriciate it very much. Any professionals out there who can give me some adivice or reaponse, you have no idea how much i will appreciate your time. Thanks so much.

Amy M Pomroy