Beginning around two years ago, my outer ankles became stiff and painful. The pain sometimes reaches several inches upwards into my calves. Stretching and massage provides limited relief for a few hours. The pain has become much worse and my gait can often be compared to a stiff legged Frankenstein type walk. Every night now I am waking up with excruciating pain with my feet turning inwards. It feels like they are in a vise and that my ankles are going to break. This has been going on for approximately two months. Every time I have sought the help of my PCP, I've been told it's just because I'm getting old. I don't know of any other fifty-nine year olds with this problem. I have lousy insurance, so I can't go to a specialist without a referral from my PCP. The pain is putting me in tears every night, and it would be great if anyone has had experience with this or knows what it could be.