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Our son's pshychiatrist recommended Lexapro for our 10 year old. He is on 20 mg. Any thoughts?

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Anonymous 20 May 2010

Wow that seems a little young to be put on antidepressants. Im 19, 180lbs and thats the same dose im on too

jblt83 20 May 2010

That is quite high for a starting dose. In fact I think 20mg is the max recommended for anyone taking lexapro. I'm 26,190 and gradually had to go from 10 to 20mg for depression and anxiety. I'm guessing this is what he's being treated for. Starting at such a high dose could possibly do more harm than good. What symptoms did he exhibit before starting meds?

Anonymous 20 May 2010

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stopdruggingkids 21 May 2010

Why dont you yourself take your little boy out somewhere like the zoo and spend the day talking. Make him laugh,spoil him rotten and find out what is bothering him and why he feels depressed. You are his mum and you know him best. Having some psychiatrist tell him he has a mental disorder is all he needs right now. Tell him its ok to feel sad sometimes and that you love him no matter what..Antidepressants are not suitable for a 10yr old

joey555 23 May 2010

lexapro is just the newer version of, i believe celexa, check w/ ur nephew.
but it is a newer version odf one of the ssri's. Like Pristique for Effexor

i would not recommend it 4 a 10 yr. old. i don't know his prognosis/diagnosis, but, although, the PDR (physcians desk referrence) will say there is efficay in 4 for that age i'm more prudent in a world were pharmacuticles lobby congress to oppose genetic egineering (some jump on board) along w/ the religious right that retards our development as a species.

but i digress... u should look 4 an alternative... again i don't know his condition.

tinaleone 22 Jul 2012

I am 40 and take 20 mg.son 9 yr. Old 65 lbs. takes 5 I would ask for second Doc

auntof3sjb 22 Jul 2012

Why is SOMEBODY under 18 on anti's? Even the commercial says "Antis' are NOT recommended for children UNDER 18! Is this doctors NUTS!? Two words: Kill themselves. The kid can get bad thughts about doing this! Hello??? free discount card

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