My antidepressants have really caused my weight, which had never been a problem in my life, to skyrocket over the past 5 years. I was the same size at 50 as I was the day I graduated from high school and had always had a nice figure. The day I hit menopause at age 50, my metabolism shut down and the weight problem started, and my antidepressants, which are a necessary part of life, are really helping to dig my grave, but without them, I'd be digging one anyway. I now weigh more than 37 pounds more than I ever have, and my psychiatrist thought, at my last visit, that Topomax might help. I was so overwrought the day I visited over other really important things, I didn't really ask for more details about the Topomax, and my local pharmacists aren't really helpful. They don't seem to have made any difference; as a matter of fact, they seem to make me really hungry at night, which is when I'm supposed to take them. Can anybody shed some light on how they are supposed to work with antidepressants/how they are supposed to help, especially with regard to weight reduction/appetite suppression? Any information would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks.