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I can't take any of the osteoporosis medication is there any other supplements to take?

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Anonymous 15 Feb 2012

First of all why can't you take the other meds like the biophasphastes like actonel, or boniva, calcitonin, & others? Do you have allergies? I do too, & couldn't take the miacalcin or calcitonin because it was made from salmon. but did fine on the Actonel, altho none of them helped me so now I am on Forteo which is a one time deal. You take shots you give yourself, & it's from DNA of the thyroid & pituatary hormone that replaces bones, & it's working! You can only take it if you are at a certain point on the DEXA scan or have had broken bones. It's a 26 month program, that you can only do once in your life. I have not had any bad reactions from it at all. What you can do which I still do is take 1500mg of calcium citrate(only calcium citrate), Vit. D3, which your doctor can test your D level with a simple blood test but you need to take at least 3000mg of it a day, 250mg of magnesium, & a good vitamin /mineral supplement for women over 50 even if you aren't over 50. They add the extra calcium & others things you need, but not enough is why you have to take others along with it. Also DHEA which is a supplement that helps replace the estrogen in your body. I take 50mg a day with food. A good idea on the muti vitamin is to bite it in half when you take it as sometimes your stomach acid is not enough to break thru the outside shell it has. I had an xray at my chiro. one day & they saw 2 or 3 of them in my colon area undesolved. I have to take omprazole for GERD & it reduces the somach acid so much it wouldn't disolve the vitamin, I also take other supplements like Vit C 1000mg a day, a good probiotic to keep the flora in your intestines filled with good bacteria. I hope this helps you & wish you the best...

puffin110 15 Feb 2012


I tried the biophasphastes and got so sick. I didn't know that Forteo is in a shot. I have MS and get daily shots. I take calcium and plenty of Vitamin D. My Dr. wants me to try Reclast. But I've heard that it has horrible side effects. My bone density is awlful. I can't swallow calcium citrate,(even if I cut it in 1/2.) so I take regular calcium. But can't take too much calcium because I get kidney stones. I'm a mess. Sorry to complain.

SHEsevEN4 20 Apr 2015

I'm having the same problem as you, hope you found something to take, I'm still checking all of them out. free discount card

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