I have serious constant pain due to O.A. I was told in October after having so much pain and inability to sit,stand, bend over or down w/o excruciating pain; that there were changing in the Degenerative disk disease. I had been told that I had a "joint" disease. Now my lower back is popping and grinding when I move in certain positions. I cannot sleep on my stomach anymore. The worse thing is my right leg seems to ache constantly and not carry it's weight. I use a 4-prong cane. Without it I drag my leg. The pain began in my pelvic area about 4 years ago and not moved down the hip, front part of my thigh all the way to my foot on that side. I have been experiencing tight muscle contractions. I am confused as to how to live with all this. I have other health concerns. Thank you and GOD bless for the help!