I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago w severe degenerative joint disease, mainly in my right hip & left knee & hands, I am not sure if it has started to affect my lower back which also is in constant pain which has since become worse (hence, degenerative) My lower back is so painful to the point that I can't walk straight up & sometimes need to rely on a cane. I am finally getting an xray for my back but for the osteo, my MD has prescribed me oxycodone 5mg 2x a day & Iboprofen 800 mg 2x a day but I am still in constant pain, sometimes it is so severe I cannot do daily functions.I was also told by my MD that eventually I will probably need a hip replacement in 5-10 yrs Can anyone offer some tips and/or advice on what else I can do to alleviate this pain? It has affected every aspect of my life & has made me very depressed. Thank you for your thoughts & input.