Late September, all I did took a small turn with my foot and experienced an extremely sharp pain in the back of my knee. I couldn't walk on that foot. I managed to make it to bed and took lots of NSAIDS and pain killers. I have both OA and RA.

I waited a couple of weeks and finally had my husband take me to ER. When I got there, I got right in (surprise!). Then I had three people ask me the same question, what happened. Don't they share info?

Anyway, the doc came in and manuvered my leg around as I tell him when and where it hurts. He came to a conclusion he thought I had a Bakers cyst and that I should get an ultrasound. He also said he would have a make shift brace made for me because I have heavy legs. And I was to see an orthopaedic surgeon. The ultrasound was done by an outside provider, not at the hospital, which I thought was unusual. When I left I had no brace but an ace bandage which did little good. And I had crutches and they didn't wheel me to the car like they should have.

Anyway, I had the ultrasound which showed no Baker's cyst. The surgeon who received the report examined my knee a little further and feels I had a torn menisca. So he x-rayed my knee then sent me out for a MRI.

Day after the MRI I get a call from him that I have a BIG tear in my meniscus. And need to schedule surgery ASAP. But because he only does surgery on Wed. They had to find the earliest Wed for him. That meant a two week wait. It was almost meant a wait until December!

So on Nov 3, I will be having arthroscopic surgery.

I'm wondering if anyone has gone through the surgery. How long was their recovery. Just would like to get an idea on what to expect