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Because of osteoarthritis I am in constant anxiety. How do you deal with it?

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Inactive 13 Jun 2012

I've got the same issues, for the love of God, call me.
386-344-5345... please!
For my arthritis, I take regular or buffered aspirin, it helps some. I have a long story as I'm sure you do. I've got the time today, just have to color my waist length hair which is a real adventure for me.
Call me, or if you don't have unlimited long distance, gimme your number and I'll call.
Yours truly,

123becku 13 Jun 2012

As soon as I stop running in my head and can slow my head down so I can listen I promise I will call

HeadStarter 13 Jun 2012

I read your bio and wondered if any of your doctors recommended the neuromodulator spinal stimulator implant. I have one of those and it did take care of the radiating pain down my legs. I can actually sleep at night. I, too, have had a "failed" laminectomy with hardware in lumbar region. It was a godsend, really and truly!

I am surprised this hasn't been recommended to you or at least that you do the trial to see if this would work for you. There are no drugs associated with this one.

Inactive 14 Jun 2012

Osteoarthritis is pain in every joint in your body. A stimulator is not going to help with this type of pain. Have talked with my pain management doctor about it, & it won't help this at all. Pain in the legs from a a failed back surgery yes, osteoarthritis, no. sorry...

HeadStarter 14 Jun 2012

This is my personal experience with the implant. I read this posters "bio" and that is why I asked the question about the implant. I mean no disrespect here but I don't know why you would post a comment like this if you don't have an implant. I understand what osteoarthritis is and she stated she had a laminectomy (per her bio) which I also have had done but she still has the radiating pain down the leg which could be caused by a pinched nerve that was probably damaged from the long term compression (that is what I ended up with after the laminectomy). I also had that issue and now I don't. That is all. No harm in sharing experiences, right?

Of course, it does nothing for osteoarthritis pain but I didn't suggest or imply that it would. It is a suggestion for her to take up with her doctor regarding nerve problems to see if that would help with the radiating pain down her leg. No harm... no fowl.


endlessPred 13 Jun 2012

Hello. Sorry to hear things are revved ip for you.

Your rheumy ought to be helping you with this. Mine has helped me with my anxiety. Anxiety stops us from doing things and that makes it hard to ask for help. It is great that you are asking.

Anxiety takes a second step once they give you something to help with the initial anxiety. Then you get more help coping with your disease process and calming the anxiety by seeing a therapist. Smartest thing you can do. With a neutral person you get to find out what is driving that feeling.

By the way, I got on the site because of overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks. I am fine now. My medications, and there are many out there, threw my body and mind out of whack. Once back in balance, I am back to me. Sure I have a crummy disease, but I function normally. I can now work within the limitations of the disease and return to a feeling of joy and wonder. Sometimes the route to that can be pretty tough. Determination and discrimination will get you there. Karen

balbanese 13 Jun 2012

Do you have any sort of professional counseling in place? If you can't afford it I know many churches offer this support free of charge, and you don't have to be "religious" to receive this sort of help. Hope this helps.

bumblebee90 14 Jun 2012

I can totally relate to what you are dealing with. I read you're Bio and noticed you had two knee replacements. I have it in both of my knees really bad. It has progressed to the point where they constantly hurt, and the noise they make when I walk the stairs will give you chills. My anxiety has doubled due to this. I'm to the point of walking with a limp. I'm already on medication for anxiety and haven't asked the doctor to up my dose. I have MRI's going to be done on both of my knees tomorrow to see how bad they are and if there is anything surgically that needs to be done. I'm very anxious to see the outcome, because this has been a living nightmare. I'm curious how the surgies on your knees went. I have several painful issues with my back too. I am so sorry you are going through this. The constant pain would cause anybody to have constant anxiety. I would think anyway. It does you and I anyway.

Inactive 14 Jun 2012

Hello 123becku. I agree with the previous answers ( although not 100% ) I do hope you get to feeling better and soon!!! pledge free discount card

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