... exersize? Will it slow the degeneration and the growth of more spurs? Will it, in the end, help with pain? Bearing in mind the only thing I can do are free things. What are the non-drug things I can do for pain (as much as I want to take meds). I, unfortunately, once again, ignored it forever, thinking it was normal old age, but it was not at all old age - I have all kinds of pinched nerves, and busted disks, etc., and OA. The arthritis is pretty global. It was really bad last night - did too much lifting, carrying, etc. Wrenched my lower back, aggravating sciatic nerve, and I laid down and just wanted to take a Vicodin for it and my frikken knees, but I got scared - coz I had earlier taken a prophalactic Vicodin when my back went :"crack" - so when It wore off - because of the worse pain, I wanted another.
Aside from the dangers of addiiction, which is a real fear for me, is after the firstt (and only ) vike made the pain recede, I did the dishes (by hand), and put everything away (bending down, reaching up, climbing step ladder) - and that is why I think the pain, when the vike wore off, was very intense - probably because I couldn't feel that I should be resting, not doing the diishes. And I also got real scared, wondering how bad will it get. Like my grandpa had extremely limited range of motion - like he couldn't turn head (and I have two busted disks in my neck) - am I going to get like Papa Cliff (god! I do hope I do not live to be twice my age, which is how long he lived)? SO, how can I slow the OA and degenerative disk disease and the frikken pinched nerves? What are suggestions for the pain? And DO not tell me to take a bath - I would have to scrub it prior, each time - and I am loathe to do it all the time. Defeats the purpose - I whould pay for it.