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Osteoarthritis - Are there meds for joint pain that can be used by a person with a stomach ulcer?

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Psychmajor 4 Dec 2009

pot and maybe tylenol arthritis (which is just a higher dose of tylenol... )

hertsandbucks 24 Dec 2009

You would need a very gentle pain killer, would be best to ask the doctor, the thing you will need to keep in mind is that you will need something in your stomach before taking a pain killer, even if it only a small meal, as pain killers tend to make ulcers worse if you stomach is empty. Ask your GP must be tablets for the pain that will help without making the ulcer worse.

samson55 10 Mar 2010

You can always go for QMR Therapy for osteoarthritis which is a non invasive painless treatment.Google it for more info.
I know the effects of chemo on Ulcer as my mom also had stomach ulcer. free discount card

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