In 2004 I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. After being on Actonel Weekly for 2.5 years my health practiioner and I devised a program by which I could give up Actonel and instead have Wagners Total Complete Calcium. this supplement contains Boron, Vitamin K and Vitamin D3 but the amount of Vitamin D3 was considered not enough so I began taking Ostelin D3 clear capsules. One daily at breakfast with my other medictions. My last Bone Density Scan showed my bones to be normal now but I have developed an inordinate amount of sunspots all over my face, arms, hands, legs. I do not go in the sun at all, my hands get sun whilst I am driving, I wear long pants winter and summer, so am not exposed to sun. I have not been to a beach in over 20 years. Could these sun spots now be coming due to too much Vitamin D3?