He prescribed Naproxen EC 500 mg for pain and inflammation. However, I thought I was to take this only on as-needed basis. Because I did not experience post-surgery pain and thought I was healing well, I did not take this at all and just went ahead with my physiotherapy sessions. In the next two-three weeks, I had to struggle standing and walking with an aid of a cane. I realized, after seeing the surprise on my orthopedic's face during post-surgery visit when he learned that I did not take Naproxen at all, that this may be the problem why I am not recovering well. My operated knee may still be swollen in the inside! I then started taking this Naproxen EC 500 mg on my third-fourth week of recovery (i.e. 2x daily after a meal). Is this ok and for how long will I continue to take this? My doctor was in a hurry and I missed asking these questions.