... pounds out of no where. I'm sure it's water retention or random water weight - but does anyone know why it would occur so randomly? I know in ortho tri cyclen there are 3 different colored weeks to try and 'mimic' the female menstraul cycle (says my doctor), maybe since it's close to my placebo week or "expected period" maybe bloating and water retention are normal? help! i'm so nervous - i just woke up from a nightmare i was pregnant.
I've been on birth control for 5 months and have amenorrhea from it (my doctor said it's normal so we tried ortho tri cyclen because it has more hormones since I actually wanted a period)
Last time I had sex was probably almost 2 months ago.
Never had unprotected sex, never had anyone ejaculate in me.
Take my pill every night at the same time give it take a few minutes.
Never skipped a pill.
I'm just so freaked out. I've taken four pregnancy tests in the past few months!
All negative, but just has anyone had any type of similar experience?