I started taking ortho-tri-cyclen around my Freshman year of High School because I had really bad side effects from my periods, I would get severe cramps, high fevers, migraine, nausea, and severe trembles. When I started taking it, I was only 100 lbs, maybe 110, very small and petite. It did wonders when I 1st started taking it, but, now as a Junior in high school I weigh 145-150 lbs, i have terrible cravings, when typically i don't eat all that much, i have AWFUL cramps the 1st 3 days of my period, i get headaches off and on, have irregular periods, and after reading about acne and lumps, I question whether or not this medication has made my acne worse and even caused an acne issue I have where I get lumps under my arms and between my breasts (when I went to the doctor they said these lumps were associated with acne) Can I get some advice on this?