... period has lasted over a week.
To give you some background, I am 23 years old and have taken birth control in the past. I have terrible acne and nothing I have tried has alleviated it at all - frustrating, considering I am an aesthetician and caring for another person's skin is literally how I make my living, but I can't seem to help myself. I decided to get back on birth control to have a backup method to condoms, until such time when I'm ready to get pregnant, and I noticed this brand was approved to treat acne without drastic side effects.
I started taking the pills the day I got them, which was February 20th, and I knew my period was scheduled to start around the first week of March. I take the pills at exactly the same time every day, 2:45pm, and as expected, my period started March 2nd. My period usually lasts 3 to 5 days and I only have one heavy day with bearable cramps per cycle, usually on the first day.
This time, however, I was forced to stay on bed rest for the second through the fifth day of my period with cramps that had me in tears. I wasn't bleeding too heavily, but it did seem heavier than I'm used to the first four days of my period.
Now, I'm on my 11th day of my period and while it does seem to have lightened up the last three days, I'm still nowhere near finished. Im supposed to start my first dose of inactive pills, and there are seven of them, on Friday, March 13th.
My question is... Should I just skip the placebo pills since my period shows no signs of slowing down and move onto my second month of pills? This is starting to freak me out and I'm supposed to be flying out of town on Friday morning, the same day I'm to start my placebo pills