... was first on the shot, but switched after the first 3 months. I was then switched to Ortho-tri-cyclen-LO. I had no problems what so ever. However 2 months ago my insurance company switched me to the generic brand of ortho tri cyclen LO. This is my second month on this pill, i have about 5 more days until my placebo pills and I started spotting 3 days ago. It is a dark brown discharge to the point that I have to wear a pad and red like period blood when I wipe. I AM FREAKING OUT! Is it possible I could be pregnant? I take my pill on time everyday. However, I took one pill about 15-30 minutes late one day. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for the first few minutes, after about a minute he pulled out because he could feel it coming and ejaculated a little, so we put a condom on. He never ejaculated inside me, and he always pulls out even when we are wearing a condom. I am 19 years old and very scared... PLEASE HELP!!!