I took ortho Tri cyclen Lo when I was 16 up until I was 19 to regulate my periods. I am now 21, and wanted to start taking it again because I had such a pleasant experience with it before. This time around has not been so pleasant. The first month I started taking Ortho Tri Cyclen lo I had some nausea, a little moodiness, nothing I felt I hadn't experienced before or couldn't control. I had my period on time and it was quick and light, only painful cramping one day. I am now on my second month. About 8 days into that pack, I started feeling a little anxious. It got heavier and heavier, and I just told myself I had too much caffeine that day, and fell asleep. I take my birth control at midnight to try to avoid being awake through the side effects. The next morning I woke up expecting to feel better. I actually felt worse. That awful anxious feeling was now accompanied by these terrible, negative thoughts about myself and my life that still, three days later I can not seem to control. I have decided as of tonight that I am going to stop taking my birth control, because I am just desperately trying to figure out why my mind and body feel this way. This has been the most painful three days of my life, and I feel so hopeless. I made myself get in the car and drive yesterday, and just about gave myself a panic attack. I've called into work three days in a row, I'm not happy by how quickly this is taking over my life. I just want to feel normal again. I've been doing lots of research and it's been quite comforting to know that I'm not alone, but I really don't know how much more of this I can take. I don't feel like I am in control of myself or my thoughts, anyone's input or help would be greatly appreciated. I've honestly never felt this afraid for my own life