... 6th (Sunday start)... On March 2nd (Wednesday.. after third sugar pill) I started my monthly... On March 6th I started my second pack.

March 12 - 15 I was visiting my boyfriend and had unprotected sex (he did not pull out). On March 26th I started with a queasy stomach and have been extremely tired.. I also have a cold going on and have been under an extreme amount of stress... this morning after taking one sugar pill I have a small about of spotting detected when I wipe.. at first it was brownish in color.. upon second trip to restroom it was more pinkish/red. I took a HPT yesterday which was negative. I never missed a pill and take them faithfully within 5 to 10 minutes of the same time.

Could this be my body regulating to the pills coupled with the stress or pregnancy?? I'm really freaking out as I'm scheduled to visit my boyfriend again in May and worrying that maybe we need to try another method of BC or a back up method