... start so I took my first pill 7/5/15 because I had an ever so slight period (even though my period wasnt due until 7/12/15). It ended up just being one day of spotting, but I was told to continue to take the pills anyway. I'm now on week 2 of the pills and now have a more substantial period (as this is the week that I should normally have my period). I will be in the placebo pills in 2 weeks and can't imagine having my period then because I have it now (in week 2 of the pills). I'm so frustrated that I spotted one day on 7/5/15, because I then would have been on track with the Week 1 pills starting on 7/12/15. How is my body going to adjust to where I will get my period in the placebo week? Wouldn't it make more sense to throw out this pack and start over with Week 1 pills this week again?!