I started tri-cyclen as directed by my physician. For some reason I ended up with no bleeding during the first week, even though my period was supposed to start that day.
It started the second week with spotting, that increased daily. Now I am done the 3rd week and I have been bleeding normal to heavy period strength for 4 days. I have insane cramps that even 1000mg of acetaminophen cannot fully take care of. Now I have tried adding 800mg of advil, but so far no relief in sight.
I went on birth control because I had very heavy periods that resulted in me getting anemic, and I had cramping/
Now I am loosing more blood because it's lasting so long, have even more blood clots and those nasty cramps that make me double over and cry.
I am not miscarrying (tied tubes) and am unaware of any infections.
why an I bleeding (so long), why are the cramps so bad and what can I do?