He also has tourteqollis(spelled wrong), cordination is minimal and trips and falls daily just walking and playing and now with broken collar bone he fell on the concrete again and still the ortho doesnt want to set it back. I feel helpless and like their truely not looking at the risk of more injury to himself is possible and they refuse to see it. I just dont want to see him get hurt more serious than he is. Not to mention if his neck gets stuck sideways during this healing process how are we suppose to do physical therapy on it? I cant seem to get through to them the effects this will have and therepy for his neck is upwards of six months and we havent had to do it since he was 2 the last time and now I feel its inevitable to happen soon as just yesterday and today he is already stiffening up his neck and holding his held to the left and this worries me. What do or can I even do? Helpless parents, Denese and Almanzo