I was put on Micronor for contraception. I didn’t have a period but had one day where there was some blood in my discharge. I've currently got a water infection so I'm taking Trimethoprim for a couple of days. My acne flared up so I'm taking Oxytetracycline and I also take Neoclarityn for hayfever. I am disappointed with this pill as it seems not only has my acne flared up again, my periods will be random (causing me to panic and take a pregnancy test!) but I read in the Oxytetracycline leaflet that it can make the pill less effective. You can probably see my dilemma… if Micronor can’t be trusted with other drugs to be safe, is there any benefit in me taking it? It’s made me spotty, has a strange period and possibly be the cause of a water infection. I was given 6 months of this tablet and I’m only in my second month. Looks like condoms are the safest option, it’s just the cost and the moment-spoiler I suppose. If I came off the pill altogether though my periods would be more random, heavier and painful. I’m so sick of going back to the Doctors :( any advice?