I went on a trip to the dominucan with my boyfriend in february 2012 and was due to get my period the day we left. Which I definitely did not want! So I talk to my doctor and she prescribed me 3 weeks of evra to delay my period. I only started it 5days before my trip and started the 2nd week while there. I stopped it as soon as we got back. I got my period a few days later but it was so light it was more like a bit of spotting.(my doctor told me my period would go back to normal after removing it..) Now I'm 7 days late. I'm wondering if I could be pregnant.. We weren't using any other form of birth control. The evra instructions says it'll protect against pregnancy 7 days after u start it(I was only on it for 5) but than I've heard you should complete a whole month to be safe from pregnancy..
Any thoughts or information regarding this would be greatly appreciated!