I started OE last month. My period was late by 5 weeks (just naturally irregular) and I was tired of waiting so I started anyways. On my first month, 2nd week, 5 days, I had a 2 week long period. Even while on the patch it flowed. It was a regular, and long period. Period finally ended at the end of my 1st patch free week.

I am now on my 2nd month. Today, 12/23/13, I just put on my 3rd week patch. No signs of spotting.

How soon should I expect my period upon my patch free week? And, how soon will my period stop once I put the patch back on? Next week monday starts my patch free week. December 30 to Jan 5. My fiance will be visiting me Jan 7 to 11 and I finally decided to become sexually active with him.
I'm scared that my period will flow for 2 weeks and I don't want my first time to not happen because of my period. I've been waiting 21 years for this and i don't want to wait anymore. I'm a student, so finances for air travel are pretty much, non existent. This will be his 2nd trip here, but his family has taking a huge financial hit because of his mother's cancer and his father's diabetes so he's kind of paying for the both of them. So I have to make this trip count because I won't be able to see him for maybe another year and a half.
Can anyone give me an idea as to how long it usually takes for a period to stop once you put the patch back on after your patch free week? Just in case my period starts at the end of the patch free week, I want to be prepared and have an idea if I can lose my virginity or not. yes I know you can be sexually active during a cycle but personally, for my first time, I don't want to worry about flowing and awkwardly staining everything... and this is the only time he can get off from work to see me...