... friday while at work I used the restroom and my patch had been starting to lose its stickiness, well when i sat down it peeled off onto my underwear and fell in the toilet. My change days are sundays, so instead of replacing my patch i just waited until sunday (yesterday 2/23/14) and put on the new one. My boyfriend and I did have unprotected sex both saturday and sunday (yesterday). Today (monday, the day after new patch 2/24/14) I am cramping and now bleeding which is not normal and should not be happening since I just ended my period last sunday (2/16/14). I'm not sure what to do or if this is a normal thing because of missing the patch for a day, but I am a little nervous with the bleeding and also curious as to whether I should be worried about pregnancy since we did have unprotected sex and my "best conception days" are from 2/23/14 (yesterday) to 2/28/14. Any help or ideas??? Thanks!