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Ortho Evra - I heard about deaths associated with the patch in the past, is this still relevant?

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kaismama 25 Jan 2013

It has been known for about 50 yrs that hormonal birth control can cause blood clots and strokes. This is not a frequent occurrence but it can happen. That's a fact that will not change.

DzooBaby 25 Jan 2013

People forget that ALL drugs can come with risk. There is always a possibility of anaphylaxis, which can be fatal, with ANY new drug. And as kaismama points out, it has been known since hormonal birth control first came onto the market that some women can have sever reactions to it like blood clots and strokes which can lead to death. This caution is on the literature of all hormonal birth control methods if you take time to read the literature. It is nothing new even though many lawyers are now advertising lawsuits against the comapnies like it is something new. (not that anybody gets anything out of a class action suit other then the lawyer) One should ALWAYS read any literature that accompanies your medications OR look it up here on NO medication is 100% safe.

kaismama 25 Jan 2013

I think we should get a class action suit against the lawyers who advertise to sue for everything under the sun, since they are one of the main reasons health care costs so much.

ddelossa 25 Jan 2013

Thanks so much. That all makes sense and I will be sure to read literature on any drug I choose to use. free discount card

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