I'm going to Florida in 2 weeks and am supposed to be on my period. I am going to wear the first week of my next patches instead to skip my period. I heard it's not supposed to be exposed to sunlight. I usually keep it on my arm and it works fine! I'm curious to where I should put it? I'm also in a wedding for this trip so using Band aids to block it from sunlight won't work for arms and back. I carry most of my fat around my hips so lower abs don't seem like a good idea. I also have a large butt so it doesn't seem like it would stay there either. I was thinking outer thigh, but I can't get an answer from a Dr. That it would still be 100 percent effective. Do you think it would still work if I put on butt or lower abs, even though there is a lot of fat there? It's never fallen off my arm so maybe I'm underestimating it's stickiness? I want to try those locations, but I'm so scared of it falling off.