Hi! I'm 20 years old last month I started taking Ortho try celon lo the first day of my period, I have not missed ANY days. Always on time. During last inactive pills I got my period the 3 day in, like a regular period. This month I went to visit my boyfriend in the army and we decided to have sex but we still used a condom. After I had some stomach pains but I thought were period symptoms since my inactive pills were starting in 5 days. After sex the first time for me I went to the bathroom and I bleed I knew it was so to speak "him popping my cherry". After that for a few days randomly I would spot light brown. I'm going to take my 4th inactive pill tonight and i have only spotted some light brown discharge and yesterday when I wiped for a bit there was some light blood! I was so happy I thought it was my period. Then it went away:( I woke up today no light blood or brown discharge. All my period before birth control were long and heavy and my first period on birth control was heavy too. My boobs are sore like they usually get before a period so I thought it was a good sign, but no stomach cramps. :( I know I might sound stupid and whatever, but I'm worried. :( is this normal? Am I pregnant? What was that light blood?