Ive been taking the combination birth control pill Orsythia (estradiol and levonogestrel) since December 1st. I have not missed a day, but have been late: twice only an hour, once 2 hours, and last week on Thursday I was unfortunately 6 hours late. My fiance and I have not had sex yet this month, but last night he fingered me after I gave him a hand job and he ejaculated. He then changed his boxers, wiped himself off and rinsed his hands before he fingered me, and it had been about 45 minutes since he came and cleaned up before he even started fingering me. I washed my hands good as well after I finished him. When all was said and done we were paranoid sperm might have somehow still hung around despite our efforts to clean up, because this is the first time weve ever done anything without a condom.
My worries are this: do you think we have any chance of getting pregnant? Factoring in my birth control use and last nights events? I will also note that I panicked and about 15 minutes after I was finished and he withdrew his fingers I took 2 birth control pills (making three pills in total in the past 24 hours, 1 at 8 pm and two at 2:30 am). I do regret taking 3 doses in 24 hours because about 5 hours later I woke up feeling sick and upon calling birth control I was made aware that I essentially overdosed.
I have done much research since this morning on all the above matters but my thoughts still stand: should I be worried about pregnancy?