I went from being a fairly happy and grateful person to being depressedand on the brink of ending my life. It's the darkest chapter in my life so far, I didnt feel like I had anything to live for. Sorry to be bleak, i'm just curious if anyone else experienced something similar? I can narrow the timeline of my depression to the same time I started taking Alli and the end of it after I stopped taking it. You need fat. Your brain needs fat. If you're on Alli and you're depressed consult a medical professional right now and tell them what drugs you're taking! I now take fish oil supplements everyday-no other drugs- it has been six weeks and I'll never look back. Yes, I lost weight on alli, but it's not worth losing my life. I hope I can help someone by writing this. I will also note that I've never suffered from depression prior to this, and I am not on any drugs or medication.