After 17 years of suffering from persistent anxiety and panic attacks from P.T.S.D. I found a doctor 5 years ago that tried me on clonazepam 1mg, once a day. It changed my life. It stopped the symptoms of all my PTSD. and leveled my mood out just right. Then I was incarcerated 10 months ago and when I got out, my doc discontinued my clonazepam saying that it's short term use only! After 3 years of treatment! Free from hiding away from family and friends I was doing excellent on it. Incarcerated, even then, nothing helped me and I struggled. So now, that doctor who refuses to restart my medicine that gave me my life back, told me to see another private doc. My new private doc wouldn't do anything for me without blood work. So if my blood work comes back good, what are my chances, (of getting back on the only medicine out of hundreds), that works?