Last Thursday I had an incision and drainage on a very large MRSA-infected armpit (and partly on the underneath of my arm, SO SENSITIVE!) and I'm a fast healer, so now it's in its ungodly itchy, yet still painful, stage. The wounds are still open and packed (I get the last repacking technically today, then Friday the packing is removed for good, though the wounds will stay open for them to drain and heal on their own), so obviously I can't use anything topical for the itching... and I CAN'T ITCH IT!!! On top of that, my psoriasis is broken out like crazy all over my body, and it's worst around my waistline, and even that's itching like crazy now, with a rash starting. I really think it's the MRSA infection causing this and NOT the clindamycin, as I've taken it many times over the years with no problem. Besides, I CAN'T be allergic to it, it's the only MRSA-fighting antibiotic I'm not allergic to and I have chronic MRSA infections! As a side note, I seem to develop an allergy to any medical adhesive on my body with the strongest grip. This last time, the only adhesive on my body was my Duragesic patches and I developed an allergic rash when my infected abscess kicked into high gear and had to go from 200mcg/hr fentanyl patches to 200mg morphine ER every 8 hours (anyone know if that's roughly equivalent? I know how to convert TO fentanyl, but not FROM it to another opiate). Is there anything I can orally take for the itching? I swear, this itching is almost as bad as the pain!!! Luckily, I had the option of general anesthesia for the I&D, the doctor said it's overkill, but I think he realized that my reaction, or lack thereof, to local anesthetics is NOT all in my head after he did the procedure and woke up in agonizing pain despite the fact that they injected local anesthetics into the area while I was under. Would Benadryl touch it? Should I call my PCP and have him call in an RX for hydroxyzine to the pharmacy for me? I take that for allergies in the summer, so I don't currently have an active script, but I get it every summer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!