I'm 22 years old and work in corporate sales..
I'm challenged enough with the stress.. but I was recently diagnosed with fibro and am having a really hard time managing the pain, let alone the depression and anxiety.

I have been to so many PM's and I just cant even stand to walk through the door of another. People who have to see a PM are scrutinized enough at it is, but I'm only 22. Most of them don't even believe how much pain I'm really in. I'm good at hiding it, because I've been living this way without a diagnosis for so long.. but still!

I just want to see a doctor that understands and takes the time to understand my pain and just believes me for once.. My neurologist is awesome. He is really sweet and down to earth, so I feel comfortable with him. But he doesn't prescribe high doses of pain medications..

What are my options? How can I avoid going to yet another crappy PM? Are there other options for pain management?