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I have an optic migraine. I took 3 Advil gels. Can I take 2 Excedrin Migraine 60 minutes later?

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kathyhanson 11 Jan 2014

Both NSAIDS and aspirin can cause bleeding, as they tend to thin the blood. I would take Tylenol instead of the Excedrin. You can alternate the Advil and Tylenol, but don't take any more than is recommended on the bottle and I wouldn't take both for more than one day. When alternating, you should wait 2-4 hours, preferably 4, before you take the other med. Hope this helps.

smileyhappy 11 Jan 2014

When I have an aura before a migraine I take one Tylenol and one advil. Never take three Advil your asking for problems. Try an ice pack on the back of your neck for 15 minutes and go rest in a dark quiet room.

It should get better,

Inactive 12 Jan 2014

The Exedrine Migraine has caffeine in it, which probably helps the migraine. You can't take it so close to the Advil, so try drinking a soda that has caffeine in it, or a strong cup of coffee. That way you can at least get in one effective ingredient. Hope it helps - EJ23

butterflylynn 19 Jan 2014

When you say an "optic migraine" what symptoms are you having & have you seen a dr about these types of migraine. I have what they call "hemicranial migraines"
They are like a migraine but almost all of the pain is in One eye.. It feels like someone is taking a knife into my eye socket & twisting it constantly. I take a daily preventon med & Zomig nasal spray to abort the migraine

Ilovedonuts29 24 Oct 2014

If you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the prevention med?
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