I have experienced anxiety and panic attacks off and on throughout my life. I take 30mg of Celexa on a daily basis. Most of the time this works for me but have had some recent life events that have thrown me into a tailspin. I am seeing a wonderful therapist who I worked with about 13 years ago during another rough patch of time. In the meantime, my doctor has prescribed Clonazepam as a "rescue" drug that I take when I just feel that I am going out of my skin. It helps me relax and seems to make those thoughts that drive the anxiety subside. I get so mad at myself because I feel like I should be able to control this and so beat myself up about it. My therapist assures me that I will get through this and I am looking forward to going down the path with her. In the meantime, I am looking for opinions (good and bad) on the use of the clonazepam in these specific situations. I was prescribed 14 .05 pills back on January 10 and still have 2 of them left. They make me feel so much better and I am very careful about only taking them when I just feel like I can't do it without it. I've never posted on a site like this and would certainly love to hear from anyone with direct experience with this medication or even may advise on other options. Thank you.