My brother has been addicted to opiates for years due to a prior leg injury requiring 3 surgeries and much pain. From there he never got off of the opiates prescribed and it seems he had taken matters into his own hands to get what he "needs". Things grew out of control and he started having debilitating head pain, so bad that he went to the ER over 10 times to figure out what it was. We thought it was from drugs but they ended up finding a psuedo tumor and put him on klonopin and xanax to relieve him of the pressure. He later admitted that he still had an opiate addiction while some of this crap was going on. He is now on soboxine to try get off opiates but he often seems like he is still on opiates not soboxine. He denies being on opiates but there is a clear difference in his personality when he is on opiates . We think he might be selling the soboxine to get money for opiates. Also he is studying to be a pharmacist so he must know about the interactions with these drugs. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get through to him? He can't stop taking klonopin because it is dangerous with his pseudo tumor. Sorry this is a really long message but it's a complicated situation.