I have a back that is very messed up and I have tried several different opiates after going off methadone. I cant take morphine drugs so where does that leave me? Do I go back to the methadone or oxycodone. I also take Nuvigil for daytime sleepness caused by sleep apnea. Which drug, methadone or oxycodone work best with the Nuvigil? I am tapering of Neurotin now and after Neurotin, I will start tapering slowly off xannax (which I used to help me sleep for a few hours without waking up in tremendous pain. I am tired of taking a handful of pills everytime I turn around.

I just started taking the nuvigil again. It was approved for one month and then insurance denied it so it has been a 3 month battle. When I took it for the one month, I don't remember feeling jittery and headache. I have tried 4 different pain meds in the last month. I don't know if my body is just messed up from going from oxycodone, to opana, to morphine, and now back to methadone. Oxycodone and methadone are the only 2 drugs that help my pain. Nothing stops it, but it gets it down to about a 4 or 5 on the scale. My problem with oxycodone is it wears off in about 3 hours and the doctor can only prescribe every 6 hours.

Anyway because of fatigue from numerous issues, I started taking Nuvigil so I could have a few hours of normal time. However, it is anything but normal. I am jittery, my head hurts. I had been on methadone for over a year when I used the Nuvigil in November but went completely off the methadone the same month. Does anyone have any ideas why I am having symptoms this time and had none before?