... dr and tell him do not say a large amount he will tell you to check into a rehab and all they do is let you dry out get https://www.drugs.com/mtm/lomotil.html for the reason it say's there and get bentyl for abdomnial cramps trust me it helps alot https://www.drugs.com/mtm/bentyl.html take a benzo like xanax or ativan or valium they work the best and it will alter your state so you will not be sitting there thinking about opiates try and tapper down so it wont be as bad you are still ganna have withdraw's but trust me those three med's will help so much where you can make it it will take 3 days from the bad side effects to stop and up to a month to feel 100% but trust me i have been to malibu horizon's in malibu california twice and have detoxed probley 10 times it works nothing is going to make it all go away but atleast you can ease it a little let me know if you have any ??? i wrote this in a hurry