..I was taking 7-10. 10/325 for chronic back pain per day(prescribed by pain clinic) and she was about the same for chronic migraines. She was probably taking more. We decided it was out of control went to clinic they told us to go cold turkey for 48 hours and they would induce is with 3 8mg of suboxone on monday, We did. My wife almost died from the withdrawals but I never jerked or had much of any symptoms other than nervousness etc. We both took the first days dose of suboxone and she did fantastic instant withdrawal symptons gone and except for some fatigue and nervousness it was awesome. It is friday and she is still doing well. I on the other hand have thrown up until I ... well it is horrible I am so tired I can't work, I am just in a mess. I have cut back the suboxone to 1 8mg pill split into 4mg in morning 4 in evening. I am still throwing up. What can I do? I am afraid to cut back more I have been told I might need to go back up. I am ready to go back cold turkey but am afraid of the temptation to use norco because of my back pain We never want to be held hostage by pain pills again... help